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Austen Collins
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Serverless Framework in 2019

The Serverless Framework enables everyone to build applications with radically low overhead and cost.

And by low cost, I mean as cheaply as 0.0000002¢ each time your code runs.

The Framework does this by building applications on new cloud infrastructure, like AWS Lambda, that auto-scales and only charges you when it runs. Meaning, your application will not cost you a penny when it's not being used.

The Serverless Framework has become the leading tool for building serverless applications. This year, we're expanding it to be more than just a tool for development.

The Framework now includes monitoring, testing and security features to help you operate your serverless applications, for free!

Here's a quick video overview:

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Gergely Brautigam

There should be an asterix behind that number. Where is it coming from? What does it mean? What will be 10¢? The bandwidth? The infra cost? The monitoring part? The function invocations? The deployment? Which provider? Which region? All of them cost the same? I dislike random numbers that aim to incite that something is cheap. Please clarify that further. :-)

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Austen Collins

I've updated the statement for clarity.

Specifically, this is AWS Lambda pricing.

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Victor Hazbun

It will be nice to see more courses out there about this subject.