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Bachi for Auth0

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Build a Collaborative Real-time Todo App Backend Using Hasura GraphQL

TL;DR In this tutorial, we are going to build a real-time to-do app backend with GraphQL APIs, secured using JSON Web Tokens.

Setup a Real-Time Backend With Hasura
Hasura gives instant real-time GraphQL APIs over PostgreSQL. It comes with built-in role-based access control and supports Authorization over webhooks and JWT. Hasura automatically generates types, queries, and mutations when connected to a PostgreSQL database, and the client can query directly with auth.

A front-end application has been implemented using React, and has the following features:

  • A simple UI to list, add and delete our to-dos
  • A collaborative real-time UI for public to-dos
  • Authentication with Auth0
  • Auth0 rules to automate syncing of user signup with a database
  • Apollo client connecting to GraphQL APIs

We will focus more on building the backend with Hasura and Auth0, and use a React app demo as an example to show how everything integrates.
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