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Fantastic! Public S3 Buckets and How to Find Them

Unwanted public S3 buckets are a continuous threat. They have been (and still are) causing havoc all over the web. There are several tools out there to help your company with finding public S3 buckets. They are almost all standalone scripts or lambda functions that query the AWS APIs via some sort of SDK (Python, Node.js, etc.).

But when centralized security is implemented, as we have done so at Auth0, this task can be performed using a data lake or any sort of system/service where logs are aggregated, analysed, and acted upon. In that regard, the first source for your AWS events is CloudTrail.

Digging around the Internet we didn't find enough resources that explained to us the different ways an S3 bucket can be made public and how to detect it in raw CloudTrail logs, so we started playing around, running tests and building queries to find that out. This blog post will guide you through our process, our findings, and our solutions.

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Fantastic! Public S3 Buckets and How to Find Them

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