Faster App Development with NgRx 8

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TL;DR: NgRx 8 introduces a host of improvements, including createAction, createReducer, and createEffect. These helper functions drastically reduce (no pun intended) boilerplate, which boosts developer productivity.

NgRx 8: A Massive Win
Shortly after the release of Angular 8, the NgRx team released their own version 8. It was a big release full of fantastic improvements to the library. While I'll let you read the official release announcement by Tim Deschryver, here are the highlights:

  • angular-ngrx-data by John Papa and Ward Bell is now officially part of NgRx as @ngrx/data
  • Runtime checks are now available to check that state and actions aren't mutated and are serializable (these replace the ngrx-store-freeze package)
  • Fully isolated unit tests are now available thanks to mock selectors
  • There have been a couple of improvements to @ngrx/router, including a new minimal routerState option
  • There are now NgRx snippets in John Papa's Angular Snippets VS Code extension
  • Alex Okrushko and Wes Grimes have joined the NgRx team (well deserved!)

I've saved the best for last, though, and it's the subject of this article.
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