Engineering Interviews: Your First Calls?

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As a new technical recruiter (in-house at a content intelligence company called Knotch), I find myself discussing technical concepts with candidates. (this is us:

I don't code myself, and I can't help but feel like I should know so much more than I currently do. So, I bought a Coding for Dummies book that I'm using to get up to speed on the concepts of HTML/CSS/Javascript. Talking with our engineers at Knotch is also a huge help. But I can always do more. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, Javascript w/ES6, React/Redux, PostgreSQL, and data architecture in AWS.

Let me put it to the community:

When you're interviewing for an engineer role, how technical do you think your first screening call with the internal recruiter should be? Should they be well-versed in the languages and frameworks and concepts you're interviewing for?

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Hey everyone! I'm Rob, a technical full-cycle recruiter at a content intelligence platform startup in NYC: Knotch. I'm not an engineer myself, but I love helping tech people get great jobs.

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