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Your Ideal Companies to Work at?

Talented engineers are a hot commodity right now, especially in NYC. And since the job economy is doing so well, candidates still have so many opportunities to choose between.

We've been using a variety of ways to get in touch with engineers in our stack:

-Inclusive job posts (devoid of years of experience)
-Trusted 3rd Party Technical Recruiters
-Reaching out directly to you in any way imaginable! (it's called sourcing)

I imagine it must get tiring to hear from recruiter after recruiter all boasting about how great their opportunity is for you, and how you'd be a "perfect fit" on the team.

I'm actually curious to hear from you. From the tech stack or team, to the company's mission or interesting technical challenges... what do you look for in a company when you're on the job search?

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To the point, three things as follows
1) Clarity on the project i.e., business value, user problem, required tech skills
2) I'm open to learning new technology, as it is part of the routine. But, the organization should respect the personal preference on tech stack that I'm comfortable and prefer to work with i.e., JS/Java/PHP not all the languages
3) Cultural values of the organization and what is expected from me as part of the assignment

Additional point: I would need

a whiteboard and a bunch of Expo markers

to solve software design problems before I spend time building software. I'm a more visual person.

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Holy-Elie Scaïde

Lol, I'd take any jobs in the US at that point if the company offers a Visa sponsorship. Even if it was writing assembly code...

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Robert Gold Author

I think a lot of companies do these days. For you, it will benefit you to know which companies work in your stack (C, React Native, right?). How are you approaching finding out that info?

We are a Ruby on Rails and Javascript/React (web apps only, not Native).

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Holy-Elie Scaïde

Honestly, I have not checked that much. I'm completing a project for a company, then I'll start seeking (The reason I'm not doing so is because I'm not exactly sure for the completion date of the current project).