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Pixel Weather

Pixel weather is a small and compact 8 bit style weather widget designed for your Linux desktop.


  • It’s transparent background allows it to blend in with your current setup
  • Always stays on your desktop so it won’t get in your way. This means it’s hidden when you switch windows with alt+tab
  • Switch between dark mode and light mode, for lighter and darker backgrounds respectively.
  • Clean interface, with no clutter, all options can be accessed by right clicking.

How to use

  • Install the package.
  • Sign up and get your API key from the Dark Sky console.
  • When you open the app for the first time, a settings menu pops up, paste your API key there.
  • You can also change how often the weather is updated.
  • After submitting the settings, right click, refresh and wait for the weather to update.
  • You can choose where to place the widget by choosing from the Position menu.
  • The menu can be accessed by right clicking anywhere on the widget.




Code & Download

GitHub logo Aveek-Saha / pixel-weather

A pixelated weather widget for your desktop

To try it out, download it here - Downloads

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