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Test your ASP.NET webservice locally from a remote device using iisexpress-proxy

Web services are sometimes difficult to test locally. A typical scenario is to test your local web service from a mobile device.

Tools such as Postman or SoapUI are very useful to mock a request, but often the request from a real client differs in subtle ways.

A dotnet framework application generally runs IISExpress locally during development. In the past it has been fiddly to configure IISExpress and Visual Studio to permit requests from other devices on the same network (LAN).

iisexpress-proxy makes this trivial. It allows you to proxy the requests from a specified incoming port to IIS.

npx iisexpress-proxy 51361 to 80
npx: installed 5 in 4.972s
IIS Express Proxy 1.5.3
Proxying http://localhost:51361 to network interfaces:
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Then all that's left to do is connect your device to the LAN and call your service at the given IP address i.e.

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Thank you! I use (and love) ngrok, but I’ll try this one.