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Give Glitch superpowers with this browser extension πŸŽπŸ’–

I'm super excited to share my latest project: a browser extension to make it easier to remix glitch apps, import code from git, or start a fresh project.

You can install it on Chrome or Firefox right now!

With it, you can easily:
πŸ‘€ View glitch app details
🎀 Remix glitch apps
🍱 Generate embed code
πŸ’» Import code from GitHub and GitLab
✨ Start new Glitch projects from any page on the web

All about Glitch

Glitch is an awesome tool where you can find cool projects, copy them and make them your own, and create things you can share with people immediately – all in your browser. You can read more about what Glitch is this β€œWhat is Glitch?” post.

Seriously – there is some really cool stuff to check out. Here is a project that is filled with animated doodles where you can create your own.

Why I made this

If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a super fan of Glitch. In fact, I can show you the exact date and time Glitch won my heart. πŸ˜…

I found that when I was in my own project it was super easy, but checking out random projects, moving between the source and the app, and pulling in code from GitHub was definitely harder.

So I decided to scratch my own itch!

Give it a try

If you are a Glitch fan like me, then give this extension a try! It’s available for Chrome and Firefox. And if it works for you, upvote it on Product Hunt! 😻
Interested in creating your own browser extension? All the code is available in this Glitch project πŸ‘Ύ for you to remix into something that works for you.

Happy coding,

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Melissa McEwen

This is so neat! Thanks for making it!