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Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Django and Python

Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Django and Python

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I'm not sure I'm excited about this article. I have a few "whys" :D

  • Why use Django with serverless at all? If the objective is to deploy a lightweight app on serverless, Django doesn't seem the first choice in the Python realm.

  • Why use Django? The OP has to bend the app to use a remote SQLite database (!!) just so that he can avoid writing 10 lines of code to generate a JSON response so that he can use Django Rest Framework and Django's ORM. You also have to trust the db sync from S3 never fails AND factor the sync in the start of the function.

  • Why use this approach? I've never seen a CRUD REST API, apart from the tutorial case shown here, that has no concurrent writes. What happens if you have two instances of the app running, exactly because you chose to use a serverless approach?

It seems to me he's trying to use a hammer for everything here.

I know it's a proof of concept but it establish a few counter intuitive approaches that newbies could take home and end up bitten by.

All of this just so that he can use Django's admin interface?? :-D