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Maintainer AMA : Liyas Thomas of Hoppscotch 🙏

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Community is at the heart of everything Open Source!

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We’re kick-starting our Maintainer AMA series, and we are thrilled to announce our first AMA with Liyas Thomas, the maintainer of Hoppscotch .One of the best ways we’ve discovered of gathering honest feedback and creating meaningful interactions is by hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session. Contributors and community members can submit their questions and the maintainer can directly respond to each one of them and interact with key participants.

Aviyel co-founders, Jose & Jacob will be curating the AMA session with other members to answer all the questions related to the Hoppscotch community.

Pushing our continuous efforts to reach out to the maximum number of audiences across the globe, we have always tried to get in touch with some of the best communities in the Open Source realm.

Speaker:🚩Liyas Thomas, Maintainer Hoppscotch
Save the date: 📆 Monday, May 31st, 2021
Time-7 PM IST  (Asia) /   7 PM PST (North America)
Get ready with your questions!10 best questions get a chance to win exclusive merchandise & one on one time with the Maintainer.

The one caveat- this is an AMA about Hoppscotch and Open source! If you ask questions about plumbing or politics, you might not get an answer.

Catch you then,

Team Aviyel

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