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Writing an Engaging, SEO-Friendly Technical Content: Tips from Fellow Creators

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The role of writers in building brands is indispensable today. From global tech giants like Facebook to budding startups, carefully articulated content is essential in attracting consumers, building user base, and maximising user retention rate. Aviyel works with creators around the globe and features informative content around open source projects.
Here’s a quick guide to the basics of technical writing that certainly answers- how to begin with technical writing from a scratch with Aviyel.

Who are we?

Aviyel works with open source creators to build and incentivise active communities, achieve financial independence and increase adoption of their projects. At Aviyel, we are building a knowledge repository to share their contents, experiences, and support for open source projects. We are the bridge connecting open source communities, businesses, and developers who build great products.

Role of freelancers in building a platform like Aviyel

Great open source projects deserve great content. Open source has always had a content problem creating difficulties connecting with the audience. Here’s where writers come into the picture. Creators are a building block of any organisation, regardless of the size. The content developers through their product allow companies like Aviyel to kickstart the conversations around open source and help OSS projects to climb the desired mark. We want you to help build OSS communities for our partners through your content.

What do enterprises expect from creators?

To create well-planned, well-researched, and well-crafted articles. Inform the developer ecosystem, stimulate a new and critical discourse around Open Source creators, projects, and community. The blog post should sound human and curated in a way that all reader questions are answered. While preparing a draft of your blog, please ask yourself if this is what I want to read as a reader? This is how you will polish your writing style by quick elimination and bringing rigor to your content. If you encounter any difficulty while writing/formulating your thoughts on a write-up, reach out to our content community and Aviyel’s content management team on our Discord channel. Above all, we will assist each other to learn, grow and accomplish their missions in life.

Voice and Tone

Generally, most articles follow this standard:


  • Informative
  • Technical
  • Confident
  • Human


  • Q&A: Conversational
  • Blog: Opinionated
  • How-to’s and Tutorials: Informative
  • Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and To-do’s: Report
  • Reviews: Analyst
  • Thought pieces: Storyteller

Word Count

The article should contain around 1500 words. Although, editors do appreciate you going the extra mile, please make sure the extra content adds rigor and value to your content, rather than make it dormant.

Structure of Blog

  • Introduction- First line should have the primary keyword. Please use a stat or recent example to supplement your introduction. Must contain at least one external linking (mostly to your stat).
  • Body- The body should have a minimum of two headings. Both internal and external linking is required. The headings must include your keywords.
  • Conclusion- Can be quoted as “Way Forward/ Parting Note.” Please connect your article with Aviyel’s vision and add Aviyel’s relevant social media/blog links. Sample- Aviyel is partnering with MobSF to deliver a one-of-a-kind mobile security infrastructure available in the electronics industry. We are embarking on a journey to monetise open source software and build a developers-driven community with constant flow of knowledge, ideas, and goals. To know more about Aviyel's recent endeavors, follow our discussions here. Join Aviyel’s Twitter space at AviyelHQ.

Moreover, the structure of your blog primarily depends on the niche of your post. For instance, if you are curating a step by step tutorial or contribution guide, try to include some generalised pointers like prerequisites, attributions and a summary of your writeup in conclusion. Similarly, if you are attempting a benchmarking article, make sure to enlist pros, cons, and difference between the two technologies you are writing about.

Keyword Optimisation

This is the heart and soul of your write-up. A blog mainly consists of 5-7 main keywords out of which primary keyword will lift your blog ranking. To rank your blog on search engines, please ensure your keyword is stuffed at the right places. Do not overuse your keywords. An ideal keyword density means using your primary keyword once in every three lines. Please follow the ritual the next time you draft an article.
Other pointers:

  • At least two of your headings must have the primary keyword. The first paragraph of your blog must contain the primary keyword. It’s better if you use it in the first two lines themselves.
  • There is no right answer to how many times your keywords should appear in your blog. However, please make sure your secondary keywords are stuffed at least 5-7 times in the entire blog.
  • Frame your content around your keywords, not vice versa.
  • The title should not be more than 12-word long. The keyword must come in the first 4 words.


  • Aviyel, or any other company per se is strictly against * plag. Please use any plag detection tool before submitting your article to the content team at Aviyel. At times, plag is a result of adding repeated quotations or stats. Try to modify their language without changing the essence.

Important Pointers

  • Use minimum passive voice. It decreases the readability score of your blog.
  • Try not to use big words with more than two syllables.
  • Use Headings as much as you can. It decreases the complexity meter.
  • Image caption and title- should involve keywords in a robust manner. Download your images with the title of your blog.
  • Complex sentences reduce readability scores and may not pacify the reader’s imagination. Short and crisp sentences enrich the content. Try to wrap most of your sentences in 10 words.
  • Use Social media links. Embed them in your articles. Internal and external linking
  • Do not end your headings with a period, semicolon.
  • Make sure your content is fresh. Freshness enhances the SEO of your content.
  • Conclude your blog with Aviyel’s vision, social media links.



  • Write in title case
  • Make sure you use your primary keyword within the first five words.
  • Primary Section Headers: Use Heading 1
  • Key Subheads That Should Show Up in Contents: Use Heading 2
  • Third-Tier Subheads: Use Subtitle
  • Body: Normal Text
  • Examples: Indent Normal Text; use bullets as necessary


  • Include and follow the H2 > H3 > H4 hierarchy strictly. Your headings should start with H2 then followed by H3.
  • Do not forget to use your primary keyword in headings and subheadings.


  • Bullets: default CMS bullet, aligned left
  • Numbering: default CMS, aligned left
  • Font, bold, italics
    • Leave font as “paragraph” style unless using a subhead. Bold subheads. No need to italicize.
  • Hyperlinks
    • Embed link for SEO, set to open in a new tab.


Whenever you download images from Google Images, make sure the title of the blog is the title of your images. When inserting the image in the doc/CMS platform, please caption the image with the primary keyword.
If project title- MobSF: Best practices and Tips
Image captions can be Features of MobSF/Analysis of Mobile Security Framework

You can find more tips, templates and suggestions here. Tap to read the full post.

Happy learning!

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