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Today I launched the MVP of my first digital product.

As a founder trying to get into an accelerator or incubator, I have spent hours filling out dozens of forms and sending cold emails. The statch(my product) was born with the goal of solving these problems and making the process much more efficient and faster.

Link of the MVP:
I did it with Blitzjs whihc is a kind of Ruby on Rails but with Nextjs and Prisma for the database. For the styles I mostly used chakra-ui

I have a lot of functionalities in mind, but I wanted to keep it simple for the MVP. I would really appreciate your feedback and comments on The statch.

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Kyle Hoskins

Cool idea! I noticed a couple things at a quick glance on the my phone:

  • the logo is “The Stach”, but the domain is thestatch with a “t”?
  • take another close read through for textual errors: “5startups”, “ , “
  • a few headers are prefixed with “/“? Perhaps intentional, but it looks odd to me

Good luck!