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What I learnt from HacktoberFest 2020

Hacktober Fest 2020 This was the first tech event I have ever participated.At start I lose hope and was almost on the edge of giving up but when thought deeply I made up my mind that I have to complete the challenge this year. So I started searching out for issues in which I was interested in I made a Pull request to the selected issues which was assigned to me and when it was successful i felt so glad that I can't express by my words.
Within 2 weeks I was able to make 4 successful pull requests and this achievement really boost my confidence.

A small message to all who are beginneres like me that -

void func() { printf("NEVER GIVE UP!!"); func(); }

PS:This line should come up as you can see this is the famous line of Naruto Uzumaki a character of one of the best Anime in the world.

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