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AWS Security Digest


📬 Issue #42 of my low-volume (once a week) newsletter “AWS Security Digest” is out.

What you will find:

  • Highlight of the week 🔦
  • Change since last week on AWS Managed IAM Policies 🕵🏻‍♂️
  • Curated Cloud Security Newsletters 💌
  • AWS API changes 👀
  • IAM Permissions changes 🔒
  • Most upvoted posts on r/AWS 🆙
  • Top shared links on Twitter (by cloudsec folks) 🔗
  • Most engaged Tweets from the community 🐦

Adopt a slow-tech 🐌 approach by reading only essential, digest summary of what is going on in the AWS Security landscape.

With already 300+ subscribers with famous folks from @netflix and @amazon, you can’t go wrong :)

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