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How I cleared AWS-Certified SAP on AWS Speciality Exam


I am currently working as a Cloud Architect and it involves working with different offerings of AWS like Compute services like AWS EC2, ECS, and serverless services like AWS Lambda, and Step functions. Not that I know everything about these services, but I know the context and how to implement them via AWS CDK or AWS Cloudformation. I have already cleared all the 12 AWS Certifications: Professional, Associate, and Speciality.

Apart from the above, I have crossed around 12 years in this industry where I spend upscaling myself on Cloud from the last 6-7 years and my background is more towards the developer's facet with a professional understanding of Object Oriented Programming Language, Different Implementation Frameworks, and High-Level Solution Designs.


Here is the AWS recommendation for preparing for the exam:

  • Five or more years of SAP experience
  • One or more years of experience working with SAP on AWS Ability to design an SAP solution that runs in the AWS Cloud in adherence with best practices laid out in the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and SAP certification and support requirements

For the preparation, I believe the exam guide is one of the ground zero assets as a starter. The format of questionnaire can give us a hint of what to expect in the real exam.


Currently, no training platform(Udemy, ACloudguru) has not yet launched any paths. I used training material provided by AWS, unfortunately, I think this is only available to AWS Partner Network (APN) partners. It's a 9 part series from the AWS Partner solutions architect discussing the foundations of AWS and how it correlates with SAP.

While most of the AWS concepts involved in this exam are covered under the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate topic. I would recommend everyone complete this course before sitting for the SAP on AWS Certification exam.
Here are some of the concepts and AWS whitepapers that are important and cover the SAP on AWS concepts.

  1. HA Architecture: SAP on AWS High Availability with Overlay IP Address Routing-Architecture.We need to be able to recite this topic backward. at least 60% of the questions come around this topic.
  2. HANA Migration scenarios: Homogenous vs heterogeneous, anyDB to HANA, HANA to HANA (On-prem to AWS, AWS to AWS), SUM DMO, etc.
  3. AWS Launch Wizard: There were many questions on these configurations and automation, again it will revolve around point 1.
  4. AWS Services specially Governance tools like AWS Config, and AWS Cloudwatch Events, and their impact on SAP systems are evaluated. AWS Associate Certification (SAA-C03) learning path gives you roughly 50% of the knowledge needed.
  5. Oracle Systems (Clients, DB) and how it can be moved to AWS. What are the limitations and constraints towards the migration
  6. HA/DR scenarios and their cost impacts: Most scenarios are evaluated based on the SAP lens of Well-Architected Framework.
  7. Basic knowledge of SAP systems: Especially connecting with the AWS Landscape and where they should reside inside the Cloud.
  8. Global services like IAM and their impact on SAP offerings like AWS Backint agent, and AWS Data provider are also present.
  9. AWS Services: EFS, S3, Lambda and how to optimize costs for these usages.
  10. Different AWS EC2 instances which can be used and how to reserve capacity.
  11. Various Zoning patterns and foundational setups for AWS VPC where SAP systems need to be deployed.

Architecture Designs

Here are some of the designs patterns which are beneficial for exam preparation:

  1. VPC Patterns: Single VPC :

  2. VPC Patterns: Single VPC Multiple Accounts

  3. VPC Patterns: Multiple VPC Multiple Accounts

  4. High Availability Architecture: Overlay IP and Connectivity :

  5. High Availability Architecture: Transit Gateway and Connectivity :

  6. Passive Disaster Recovery for HA Architecture:

  7. SAP Certified EC2 instances and scale up/out scenarios:


All the exam questions will have different complexity. Some of them will have questions with only one paragraph that measure your knowledge of a specific area. Multiple paragraphs and multiple choice questions also appear in the exam that will test our ability to understand the interaction between different AWS services. Best Wishes to all sitting for the certification examination!

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Danny Toll

Great article. Passed the exam yesterday. I would also recommend to go through skillcertpro mock exams as I got nearly 80% from their sets in my main exam.