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How to crack AWS Certifications exam & Get good Opportunities

According to my experience after trained 1000+ people from Universities, Corporates ,form different Tech communities and my 4 AWS Certifications, I have found few important Tips & Tricks for " How to crack AWS Certifications exam & Get good Opportunities "

My Observations & Experience

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1. Hands-On Experience

Try to perform hands-on as much as possible that is only key to success and to get high score in certification exam.

You can Find the hands-on tutorials for your AWS needs

2. AWS Whitepapers & Guide

I suggest you to read at least once the technical papers which are designed by AWS expert team on different services and best practices. This will helps you get more technical details of the services. According to your certification track read the white papers. You can Find Whitepapers form Here.

3. Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot by your own with whatever you have learned from hands-on & theory sessions. Try to solve problems & apply what you have understood.

4. How to attempt the exam questions?

There are two type of questions basically you have in the exam

1. Multiple choice, 2. Multiple response

How to deal with the question is very important and for that you have to take care theses few important things like

  • Firstly read the question two times carefully (especially choose 2 answers questions) & highlight or find out the keywords.

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  • Secondly, try to attempt those questions first in which you are 100% confident with your answer and skip or mark other questions for later attempts.

  • Thirdly now try to answers those questions that you have skipped earlier using the elimination method of option based on Keywords & your understanding.

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5. Practice exam

Once you have done hands-on tasks & complete the theory part go for one Practice exam. You can find many practices exam from AWS as well as from different learning platform like Udemy, Whizlabs,etc.

Practice exam, you can find based on AWS Certification exams.

  • Complete your first practice exam & answers the questions of first practice exam according to your knowledge from hands-on.

  • Once you will complete the first Practice exam you will have some idea about which topic you need to revise again.

  • Now repeat only that topics and go for the remaining practice exams the same way.

  • Don’t forget to review the incorrect answers after the practice exam.

More Details About AWS Certification Exams

Exam Ref Materials

  1. AWS has made the following free digital training and videos available to finalize preparation for the exam: o Exam preparation ramp-up guide:

  2. Additional sample questions:

  3. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Course:

  4. AWS Technical Essentials course:

  5. Cloud Foundations Learning Plan:

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Avinash Dalvi

This is helping resource. Thanks for this.

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Andrew Baisden

Thanks for sharing these resources I have been thinking about AWS certification for quite some time now.