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Moving to Cloud : Using social tools

Please read the first post of the series to get the context.

** Trick 2 - Get involved in the community. Attend meetups / seminars **

A very underrated and excellent way of learning is to observe people who excel at their craft and learn in the process. It's equivalent to active listening from music. Personally, this is the part where I learned the most from. I observed how people were using the services in their setup. I tried to relate what I observed with things at work. Took notes in meetups and tried researching on them while trying to solve a problem at work. Luckily AWS User Group was in nascent stages when this happened and I got to be a part of the journey to build that user group. I learned a ton in that process.

To validate your skills speak at your local meetups. There are many people who don't know what you know. Share it. This helps you boost your confidence, expand your network and enhance your people skills.

** Trick 3 - Teach Someone **

Write summary of what you learnt at any webinar / meetup and share it with your friends / colleagues / boss. Try teaching them what you learnt. Help a colleague or friend with the cloud basics. Teaching someone will uncover quite a lot of details that you would generally miss while learning yourself.

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