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Moving to Cloud : Prove you expertise

Trick 4 - Show your work

So far you have put in a few hours and done some work to hone your skills in cloud. However it is not enough. You need to let people know, that you know cloud. There are a few ways to do it without showing it to everyone's face. Lets take a look at them -

1. Get Certified

Many, if not all employers love certified folks. But keep in mind, the certificate alone won't be enough to get the job for you, but it can open some doors. Let the certification open the door, but let your work do the talking in an interview. For someone who needs a structured way to study, this is a nice way of getting it done.

2. Use social media

Tweet helpful snippets of your notes, share some of your learning on you blog, share how you solved a particular problem at work that involved cloud on LinkedIn, answer a few questions on stack-overflow if you can. The trick is to project your profile as someone who knows cloud and can get things done.

3. Projects

When you study for certifications, make sure you are doing a lot of hands on labs. Mimicking the workflows from your work is the best exercise you could do. If that is not possible, deploy a web app using as many services as you can.

E.g. You could deploy a static website using S3, S3+Cloudfront, Amplify Console, EC2, EC2 + SSL using ALB, Lightsail, Elastic beanstalk etc.

You can use tools like Hugo to generate these sites.

Similar things can be done to other services too. Use your existing expertise.

These 4 tricks have helped me immensely to reach where I am today. My official title now reads 'Cloud Architect' and I owe a lot of my relative success to the above tricks / process.

Got any questions? Comment here or reach out to me via twitter.

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