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Why AWS?

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If You are here, then you are already hearing about the cloud, definitely known or at least heard about AWS or Amazon Web Services.

So What I'm trying to achieve is that I'll start writing these blog about AWS services, Guides, How to Guides, basically that will help the very beginner who have just started to learn about AWS (Cloud) in a very easy manner so that everyone can learn about the AWS

Let's Come to the Question Why AWS ?

Why there is always this same name come up every time we are talking about cloud, let's go back in the history when Amazon was expanding they come up with this very first service called EC2 or compute service, you can learn more about the history in here.

From then it came a long way, whether it's about computing, storage developer tools, machine learning, big-data, development you name it AWS have it.

When You First see the what AWS have to offer you it seems like they have it for unlimited amount, they are never out of storage, never out of resources.

What makes AWS different from others ?

Let's first talk about the dashboard
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When I first saw it when I was learning AWS it seems very chaotic, very random to me, and I'm pretty much sure that you feel the same way.

Clicking on "All services" opens a very long list of services.

Most of them I've never used, Trust me on this
Here We can access all the services, we can search the services, know about the categories and much more.
I love the dashboard, I hope you feel the same way about itπŸ˜….

"Learning Curve"
How soon I can start working with all these service by myself ?
Some of the services are pretty much very easy to understand and can be learned in a week or two. But to get the depth feel and knowledge about that it will be longer run.

"The Best Things That I felt is the Support/Customer Chat "
Whenever I have requested anything like to increase the limit for a particular service or about payment or anything they issue get solved in no time.


Who doesn't love FREE Things, I love them πŸ˜…πŸ€©, and best part is that AWS comes with 1yr FREE TIER for you to learn about AWS different services try them, get you hand feel the power of Cloud and trust me this 1yr is enough for you to learn the cloud AWS ways.

Once you're in AWS you'll feel that none of the cloud provider is as good as AWS.😎😎

Well these are my thoughts about the AWS, and with this I have planned to write a whole series of blog about AWS as I have already mentions, so till then stay safe & stay healthy.

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Carlos Eduardo Salles Mineiro Silva

Awesome article! Just waiting for the next one! :D

ashutosh5786 profile image
Ashutosh Singh

Thank you Carlos ❀❀