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F/OSS Spotlight: 📑 VuePress

Building a static site? If you like and work with Vue, you should check out VuePress (code).

While newer tooling like vitepress may get all the "press" lately, VuePress is still a great stable choice for building good looking documentation sites:

VuePress Homepage

One of the best indicators for quality projects is a "why" page, and VuePress documentation describes exactly why you should use it versus other solutions.

If you're impatient and want to get started away:

mkdir vuepress-starter
cd vuepress-starter
pnpm init
pnpm add -D vuepress@next @vuepress/client@next vue
vuepress dev docs
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(NOTE: definitely use pnpm so you can dedup packages locally!)

And if you're not impatient, check out the official Getting Started guide.

The ecosystem for VuePress is somewhat smaller than other site generators (for example Gatsby), but they have their own awesome list which is full of goodies.

Vue is worth choosing for it's power and simplicity, and VuePress is the more opinionated static site generator that's built with Vue at the core.

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