20 Small Steps to Become a Regex Master

Andrew (he/him) on November 09, 2019

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The best way to get better at regexes is to use them - practice, practice, practice! So what's the best way to give yourself the opportunity to practice?

Here are some ideas:

  • Use a text editor that supports making changes using regexes, for instance vim or ed. By forcing yourself to use regexes for all text changes you get the basics down pretty quickly.

  • Use tools like sed and grep on the command line at every opportunity. Both are driven by regexes.

The cost of this approach is that you will suffer an initial hit on productivity. But it will pay off on the end.


sed and grep are fantastic tools! 100% recommended!


Very nicely written Andrew. Goes straight to my reading list for future reference


Happy to hear that, Prashant! Thanks for reading!


It is a great one stop shop for regex....thank you for making the effort.

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