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Let's Connect!

Andrew (he/him) on February 28, 2019

Dev.To is great for learning from other developers through medium-to-long-form blog posts. I think I've learned more being a member of Dev over the... [Read Full]
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always happy to connect to fellow developers. followed you and i see, you followed back. That was quick Andrew ;-)

lets chat about java (selenium is my primary area), jmeter, performance testing.

On the other note how, that Talk thing worked out ?

Find me here on twitter


Good though thanks! Signed up for a talk next month at a pub, summarising my PhD! Still looking for other opportunities!


I've never used Selenium. What's it used for?


it's java based automation framework used for web automation. it's one of most popular framework for automated testing. you can read all about it here

There is more light-weight analogue called Selenide. More high-level suite.


Happy to connect here. Trying to post more tech related posts. Typically hover around low level programming, game dev, and Python.

Link worked for me, but my handle is @ChristianBrint2


Hmm, it was working when I clicked on it. I added my handle to my post :) Thanks for the heads up.


The URL has a %5D character in it, which is a close bracket ']'. Typo maybe?


Anyone can add me on twitter we can talk Java, Open source, Node and dogs.

Currently working on some new NPM packages and working with on a couple open source projects out in the world


I followed you, I've converted my Twitter over to be my "career/tech talk" place so it's nice to find another like-minded person to follow. If you'd like to follow me back: My Twitter I've been trying to be more active on it.


dogs > cats always

rjsnh1522 in almost every social media(twitter, fb, here, linkedin etc ..)

Ruby, Python mostly.


Followed you on Twitter Andrew, and same here, would love to connect with more like-minded individuals.

Find me at twitter.


Followed you on Twitter! I think we should have something like a discord or slack where dev.toers can easily converse.


Always happy to connect!
my LinkedIn: Feel free to ask me anything. I really appreciate to discuss any topics from dev to life.


Always happy to make more twitter friends.

I don't know squat 'bout java, but I love dogs.


Noob here. Learning Front-end. If you want to be awesome, you have to hangout with awesome people

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