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The Sun is Setting on the British Empire

awwsmm profile image Andrew (he/him) ・1 min read

With just over three weeks until Britain is scheduled to leave the EU and no clear post-Brexit trade deal with the EU currently on the table, many companies have announced plans to move some or all of their business out of the country.

The hardest-hit sector seems to be automotive manufacturing, with Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, and Honda all announcing plans to close existing plants or to move production abroad in the event of a "no deal" Brexit.

Other tech and tech-adjacent manufacturers, including Sony and Panasonic, as well as (allegedly) as many as 250 other companies are foreseeing huge risks in remaining in the UK after a hard exit from the European Union, and are thinking of moving some or all of their business abroad.

Is Brexit affecting you or your position at your company? Are you concerned about layoffs? Are you rethinking your residence in the UK or the EU in general?

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I work in Higher Education and voted remain (and for indyref, but that's another story...). We're seeing quite a lot of low-level muddle about what, if anything, is going to happen. It's more a 'just tell us wtf is going on' situation really.

I suspect in the short term there will be a few wobbles, some companies will leave (especially multinationals who are, to put it mildly, a bit prone to that anyway) - some companies might prosper in their wake. Longer term I guess just somewhat lower growth, but possibly (the eternal optimist speaking!) it might lead to a bit more reality about the UK's strengths and weaknesses and not just blaming those pesky EU people for all the ills of the country (well, England in particular seems bothered by that - there are a contigent of the cybernat/SNP types who have a similar problem with 'westminster', the 'mainstream media' etc :-/).

All in all - it's a bit saddening, annoying, depressing when there are 'one or two' other things we could be getting on with - but there's naff all to do about it really apart from watch the circus in parliament and sigh :-/

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Andrew (he/him) Author

But blue passports!

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Stephanie Handsteiner • Edited

Don't forget the £350m for the NHS. They printed it on a big, red bus after all! :D

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Clive Da

so this weeks news is that we will have an all new 50p #BREXITCOIN worth 52p if you voted to leave and 48p if you voted to stay - i will be converting mine (sic) into refuge coins