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What's the Best Place to Learn TypeScript?

awwsmm profile image Andrew (he/him) ・1 min read

Anyone have any recommendations?

I want to get a bit more practice with front-end development, but I have no idea where to start. Who's got suggestions?

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Ari Kalfus

I have been diving into front end stuff and this guy on Udemy has really well done content. I feel very confident with typescript and just went through this course. I was already been familiar with JavaScript / Node so depending on where you are in your front end journey you may feel differently. But I have done several of this guy's courses so I'd recommend looking at his stuff.

Also, Udemy has sales where everything is $10 every other day basically. If you see something you like, just wait until it's cheap.

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Wernich ️

was going to recommend this exact course. maximilian is brilliant. i got his vue course too. currently using both typescript and vue for the last year or so at work and loving it.

i also saw he's completely revamped the typescript course since i've done it. i should go have a look again.

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Ari Kalfus

I took his Vue course as well! Currently going through his CSS one :D

I took the typescript one right after it had been updated so I can't compare, but I've built several GitHub Actions in typescript since and it's been pretty smooth.

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Wernich ️

nice! a few weeks ago i looked at github action for the first time. it made no sense, so i decided to add it to the ENORMOUS list of "to learn" items. :D i know it's a super powerful thing, but i'm gonna need to find a good beginners tutorial on that some day.

i'm really loving typescript though. :) i've also got max's css course on udemy, but haven't gotten round to it yet.... but i will one day i hope.

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Ari Kalfus • Edited

If it would be useful, you can check out one of my more popular Actions (just a few folks using it) - artis3n/ansible_galaxy_collection. Using typescript made it really nice to do things like semver validation.

I also have an article describing how I created the Action -

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

Also, Udemy has sales where everything is $10 every other day basically. If you see something you like, just wait until it's cheap.

So basically always. I have never actually seen a Udemy course that's not on sale. It's just a marketing tactic.

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Oliver Mooney

Do you already know javascript? If so I recommend Execute Program's typescript course. It uses a reinforcement learning platform with lots of reviews to help things sink in as you go. Free to try but it's paid after 16 sessions ($19 for a month's subscription). Worth it so far!

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Nate Mueller

I second this! Went through their course last month and I really felt like I learned how to use all of the language's features. Next week's project will tell me for sure tho XD

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Lost Semicolon 💻🖱

Are you learning typescript or a framework? For learning ts I found handy re-writing JS. For example my old Javascript30 by wesbos.
If you are learning a framework, I find it that learn by doing is usually the way to go :)

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  • To get the foundations I used this FrontendMaster course (NOT free):
  • For going deeper, migrate some existing code to TypeScript (side projects, participate on OpenSource). Doing that, new problems will came up and you will level up your TS skills

I did not give a try yet, but these exercises could be interesting:

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Jorge A. Glez. Mena

When I'm learning a new language/library I really like to resolve some exercises that help me understand the capabilities of the language. My favorite platform for that is Exercism. There are many others, but I like the possibility of having a mentor, seeing the solutions of others, share mines, and receive feedback from others in the community. There actually 89 exercises in the TypeScript track.

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Atila Fassina • Edited

Hey, Andrew!!

I also have a Youtube channel where I'm adding some byte-sized tutorials, TypeScript has been one topic that I've been interested in doing.

Would you mind sharing what parts of TypeScript, or what you'd be looking for in such a tutorial?

My playlist currently has only 3 videos (Generics in 5 minutes and Utility Types Parts 1 and 2). Maybe the 4th one could be from an insight from you...? 😉

here's the link if you want to check it out: Scope Leak on Youtube


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Timon van Spronsen

I'd highly recommend Effective TypeScript for learning TypeScript. I've heard great things about Frontend Masters as well!

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kHRISl33t • Edited

If you have a project in JS, try to rewrite it with TypeScript (I was watching youtube tutorials If I couldn't understand a concept or read the ts docs a few times:D). That's how my journey started with TypeScript and since then I just want to use it in every project. :)

Or you can start with Angular which enforces TS by default.

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This won't make you expert or anything but if you want a crash course can get you going pretty fast.

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Zain Wania fantastic way to learn coding things

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Achilles Moraites

You can find great learning material on

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Front-end AND typescript?
Sounds like Angular to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I started a series about Typescript Learnings. They are some notes on what I'm learning about everything Typescript.

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Ismile Hossain
Check this course. It's a great course for Typescript. You will learn ins and out of Typescript in an engaging way.

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Maciej Cieslik

Check out Net Ninja tutorial on YT.

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