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What's the main problem with evaluating your skills?

I often doubt my programming skills and experience when it comes to project something unusual or choosing between data transport for a particular case (pub/sub or maybe a queue?).

Last time I caught myself on something trivial (It was 2 years since I had to write it myself) - quicksort. I didn't quite remember how to do it well, so I google formula and write a solution, but again - I started to doubt my skills because of that.

Why I forget about something that simple? Maybe I should write the code and eventually find out the right formula by myself? It would take some time, yeah, but... it would calm my mind, but then I probably would be less productive that day.

I started to blame myself for that later, but after some time I realized that I saw lately something similar - someone on Facebook group bullied junior because he didn't remember the formula for calculating the average from numbers.

I started to imagine - what if the junior and the guy who bullied him was one and the same person?

And then it struck me - Why I should blame myself or feel less confident about my skills when I forget something that I didn't use in a long time?

It will be okay if I don't remember the minor differences between queue or pubsub, because I don't need to remember it! I only need to remember that some minor differences exist - that's all, because if I need to know these differences - then I will just do my research!

I hope it will help someone with similar thoughts

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