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MediDoc: Update 2 - Improve UI and Add User Functionality

Check out the previous post for an overview of the project!

UI Improvement

In my last post Szabolcs suggested focusing on the UI. Here are some changes I made following his suggestions!

  1. Added a light grey background on the case details page. Also, files and comments are inside cards now:
    Alt Text

  2. Replaced the DOWNLOAD button with an icon:
    Alt Text

Improvement in Add User Action

  1. Added ability to remove a user.
  2. Added autocomplete.

Alt Text

Try It Out

To try it out, please create a patient account here and a medical account here (note that admin has to approve the medical accounts, so please wait a bit!).

Alternatively, you can use the following demo medical accounts:

  • devto-hospital
  • devto-diag
  • devto-pharmacy

And the patient account:

  • devto-patient

Password for all of them is: medidocpass@abc

Let me know what you think!

Chest X-Ray photo by CDC on Unsplash

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