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MediDoc: Update 3 - Admin Approval and Profile Page

Check out the first post to see what I am building for this hackathon!

Admin Approval

In general, admins (local authorities) approve an application for registration of a hospital, pharmacy, or diagnosis center in the platform.

Alt Text

Profile Page

Profile page for medical users (hospital/pharmacy/diagnosis centers). They are publicly accessible.

Alt Text

Stay tuned for the next update!

Try It Out

To try it out, please create a patient account here and a medical account here (note that admin has to approve the medical accounts, so please wait a bit!).

Alternatively, you can use the following demo medical accounts:

  • devto-hospital
  • devto-diag
  • devto-pharmacy

And the patient account:

  • devto-patient

Password for all of them is: medidocpass@abc

Let me know what you think!

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