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Attempts to build a mobile celebration app - Twilio x DEV community hackathon: Part 1

Our Backgrounds

I am a Software Developer mostly working on web technologies while my hackathon partner (Mike) is an Automation Developer working on automating testing processes and procedures. Neither one of us have very much experience developing mobile apps and after talking to a few mobile app developers, we decided to give a shot at trying to create one using React Native.

Our (Initial) Idea

Now that we're heading into week 4 of social isolation/physical distancing/quarantine here in Vancouver, we're starting to go a little stir crazy, and are looking for ways to keep in-touch with our friends and family. Mike is very much an extroverted social butterfly and told me about how difficult and a little unexciting birthday celebrations have been over video calls. So we are hoping to jazz them up a little by building an app using Twilio's API and making them a little more fun and interactive.

Next Steps

We don't have any solid ideas at the moment, aside from wanting to make celebrations more fun though, so we're going to be spending our time looking into Twilio's APIs to see what we can incorporate into our app. Also, as mentioned before, neither one of us have very much experience developing mobile apps, so we're going to be spending some time working through some tutorials and setting up our dev environments.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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