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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D for Microsoft Azure

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Build at the Cutting Edge of AI with #AzurePercept


🚨 Update: Nov 5, 2021 🌟

The event is now over - but you can watch the session replays here and check out these links for key resources:

Microsoft Ignite happens next week!

November is almost here - and that means we are this much closer to Microsoft Ignite, a signature conference for cloud computing practitioners, IT Pros, developers and decision makers. It's a 2-day event (Nov 2-4) packed with sessions from industry and community experts - and it's free and online!

  • Learn more and register to attend here!
  • Explore the session catalog here

In addition to the technical sessions, keynotes and "Ask The Experts" interactive Q&A opportunities, you also have multiple learning resources from the Cloud Skills Challenge to Learn Live sessions featuring instructor-led walkthroughs of key learning modules or paths.

Why I'm excited for MSIgnite this year

That's easy - I had the opportunity to work with the Azure Percept Product team and my Azure Cloud Advocates colleagues to create a unique session focused on Azure Percept - a unique solution that accelerates your ability to design, develop, deploy, and manage, your Edge AI solutions.

Here's a sneak peek at what makes this session special - yes, it's an experiment in visual storytelling that hopefully will engage and educate you on why Edge AI matters, and how the Azure Percept platform enables end-to-end solutions to be crafted seamlessly in a scalable and secure manner. Join us!

In addition to these sessions, I also recommend these two sessions from industry partners and early adopters, that will give you additional insights into the platform and features.

If you have any questions before or after the event, do drop us a comment below - or join us for the interactive Q&A session (Ask The Experts) during the event.

What is Azure Percept - and Why?

I'm glad you asked! Azure Percept is an end-to-end platform for developing Edge AI solutions that provides:

Why Azure Percept?

The short answer is that it was intentionally designed to provide a seamless silicon-to-services approach that anyone can use to develop, deploy, and manage their edge AI solutions - without necessarily having a data science or cloud computing background. Easy integrations with Azure IOT and Azure AI services, and built-in AI models (vision, audio) to support popular scenarios like people or vehicular tracking.

A Visual Guide to Azure Percept - illustrating with drawings a few features of the platform

To get started, setup your Azure Percept Dev Kit device - then check out the quickstarts to build your first low-code edge AI solution! Want to learn more? Check out this previous post:

Next Steps

Don't forget to:

And explore the cutting edge of AI for your next hands-on project!! We can't wait to see what you build!

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