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Christian Nwamba for Microsoft Azure

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Chris & Chris Talk Serverless Landscape

To learn what is possible today with the Serverless architecture especially for frotend developers, join us at Create:Serverless. Chris and Chris will discuss the current state of Serverless landscape and how it is empowering developers.

My favorite thing about the Jamstack is how it opens the world of Frontend developers to endless possibilities and opportunities. Previously we would identify as people who just wrote code to run on browsers and that was cool…ishhh.

These days we do more than the job description including setting up APIs on clouds and connecting to third-party services, feels good 😉 . (This is totally a Henry Danger reference).

According to Laurie Voss’s "The State of the JAMstack in 2020" survey revealed 44% of developers have been using it for a year, with 37% using it for 1-2 years. Eleven percent of the respondents reported they have been leveraging JAMstack for 4 or more years. This means that the adoption rate is increasing rapidly.

Frontend developers live and breathe JAMstack and putting into consideration that "A" stands for API as well as the fact that according to the same survey a lot of developers love JAMstack because it is "easy", then there must be something that makes building APIs more approachable. Serverless!

Gartner’s Arun Chandrasekaran says serverless adoption is inching close to the 20% this year. The nature of serverless continues to mature as a programming model for writing apps but he also says the definition of serverless is expanding to include the operating model.

Sounds cool right? I’ll be breaking down the implications of all of this with the help of an awesome friend. What’s better than one Chris?….. Two Chris! (haha).

I will be joined by Chris Coyier 🎉

How can I hang out and chat about Serverless in the Jamstack?

Event : Create:Serverless
Title: Keynote: Chris & Chris talk Serverless Landscape
Timing: 30 September 2020, 8:15AM – 8:45AM PST
Co-speaker: Chris Nwamba
Topic/context: Chris and Chris shares about the Serverless landscape in 2020.

Come hang out with us

We would love for you to be there as we will be discussing the “Three Factor App", The state of Serverless, Serverless Database and trends to watch out for in serverless functions.

I am really excited to have this session and I hope you are as excited about the future of serverless as I am.

Feel free to leave questions as comments and we will be happy to chat with you here.

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Chris Coyier

👋 Woohoo! Let's do this.

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Christian Nwamba


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Paul Chin Jr.

Serverless is here to stay for sure, thanks for doing such a great chat.