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Five Things About Developing Mobile Apps

Why are there so many options for developing mobile apps? What should you choose? How can you slipstream your way into mobile and take advantage of the cloud? Todd Anglin has all the answers and wears some snazzy clothing, in this episode of Five Things.

And if you can figure out what Redapative means ... please tell us in the comments πŸ€”

Todd talks about various mobile technologies including React Native, NativeScript, Ionic, PWAs ... here is a though ... should we start pronouncing them as "pwaah" ? No ... just no.

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deejay212498671 profile image

Five Things About Developing Mobile Apps is an incredibly insightful and comprehensive guide for aspiring developers. The author's expertise shines through as they navigate us through the intricacies of the mobile app development process. Each point is succinctly explained, making it easy to grasp even for beginners. The tips on user experience, coding languages, and monetization strategies are particularly valuable. With this newfound knowledge, I am confident that I can pursue my dream to Become a Notary in NY while simultaneously developing innovative mobile applications. Moreover, the inclusion of real-life examples and case studies enhances the practicality of the book. As I was reading, I couldn't help but feel inspired to embark on my own app development journey.

gabek profile image
Gabe Kangas

Or you could write a native app and provide a better experience for everyone :D

baso53 profile image
Sebastijan Grabar

This. Oh how many times have people proven themselves wrong when choosing some of these quasi native solutions. Native is still the winner here.

john_papa profile image
John Papa

Thanks for the feedback.

Right tool for the right job. I've built with native, hybrid, pwa ... there is a lot more that goes into this than just one factor. To name a few:

Team skills (and company skills)
Target audience and their devices
Features required
Company maintenance plans (who supports it)
Update policies at your company

Point being that even though developing a native app is a great way to get an awesome experience, it is not true to say developing with the other techniques is NOT going to give you that.

My personal take: I love and use Swift with iOS, PWA, React Native, and Ionic.