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Free Data Science for Beginners curriculum on GitHub

Our team of Azure Cloud Advocates, Program Managers, and Student Ambassadors are pleased to bring a new addition to the For Beginners Curriculum series: Data Science for Beginners.

Data Science for Beginners is a free, MIT-licensed open-source curriculum of 20 lessons that focus on the foundations of Data Science and requires no prior knowledge to get started.

Our curricula are structured with a modified Project-Based pedagogy and include:

  • a pre-lesson warmup quiz
  • a written lesson
  • video
  • knowledge checks
  • a project to build
  • infographics, sketch notes, and visuals
  • a challenge
  • an assignment
  • a post-lesson quiz
  • opportunities to deepen your knowledge on Microsoft Learn

What will you learn?

To make it easy for new learners to get started, we built the content so that it can be used offline and so that the exercises can be completed using .ipynb notebooks within Visual Studio Code. Grab your datasets and let's go!

Data Science for Beginners focuses on foundational concepts and practical applications of Data Science.

You'll learn how to work with:

  1. Different types of data, as well as Python libraries like Pandas for doing more with your data and all about visualizations to make sense of your data.

  2. Data science lifecycle. Next, you'll learn of how data science is applied through the Data Science Lifecycle, in the cloud,

  3. Work through real-life examples: and finally you get to work through real examples.

How to use this curriculum

This is a self-study course, but it works well in groups so consider finding study buddies and learning together. Warm up with a pre-lesson low-stakes quiz and work through the lessons and assignments together or solo. Test your knowledge with the post-lesson quiz.

New for this curriculum is the use of Progress Assessment Tools in the Discussion Board area. Once done with a lesson group, visit the Discussion Board and copy the template to a new Discussion using the "quote reply". Fill in your learnings in the self-reflection box and respond to other students in the repo. Let's learn together!

We are also open to PRs and Issue raising, following our Code of Conduct and templating systems. We hope the community will chip in with translations of the lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Thank you for participating as we learn together.

A sneak peek

This curriculum is filled with a lot of art, created by our team. Take a look at this cool sketchnote created by @nitya.

Statistics and Probability
Statistics and probability

Ready to do data science? Visit the repository!

Data Science for Beginners: 10 Weeks, 20 Lessons, Data Science for All!

Be sure to visit the other beginner's curricula too!

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Juana Nave

Once I was also a beginner in the data science domain, but I evolved pretty fast and productively. Edubirdie, doing any assignment and giving detailed explanations, helped me a lot. So provides various clear and structured texts with analyzes, graphics, and answers on different topics. Therefore, beginners now have a lot of opportunities for self-development in data science and, respectively, not only in this type of area.