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Free Workshop on Azure Static Web Apps

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Free Static Web Apps Workshop

On July 29th, I'll be hosting an hour and a half workshop teaching you how to deploy and customize a shopping list application to global scale with Azure Static Web Apps Preview.

Check out the event here.

Static Web Apps

You'll learn how to:

  • deploy a web app (choose from React, Vue, Svelte, or Angular)
  • Configure your CI/CD to auto deploy
  • Add authentication
  • Establish authorization roles
  • Create custom routing rules
  • Setup fallback routing for client side routing rules
  • Deploy an API using serverless technology with Azure Functions
  • Set up your own custom domain with SSL

There's no catch. You don't even have to sign up. Just mark your calendar for the upcoming Create: Frontend event and show up.

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Can we use Azure Static Web App without GitHub to host my html files, Like Azure Blob Storage ? Because for a commercial or client projects we need to pay for both Azure Static Web App in Azure and GitHub.


Today the preview works with GitHub. If you have requests for other services please provide your feedback in the github.com/azure/static-web-apps issues.

I'm curious what you mean by paying. Can you elaborate on that?


I have 3 Questions:

  1. Suppose I want to host a commercial business website using Azure Static Web App , is this possible right now in preview ? Is it Free or do I need to Pay ?

  2. Can I use Github free plan with private repository for commercial business website ? I think its possible in this post.

  3. I can see Azure Static Web App pulls files from Github repository and host the files in Azure Static Web App, Instead Is there a option to directly deploy from Local Machine to Azure Static Web App ?

Thanks for the questions.

  1. Preview is free. There are no SLA's til we reach GA (General Availability). So you can do this, but I recommend waiting for production sites for GA.

  2. GitHub private repos work.

  3. Today in preview it works through GitHub.

Thank you so much. 😄 Appreciate.


Awesome talk @john_papa !

Just a quick question how does one claim the Maker Badge(r)?

Thanks again!


Hi @carike ,
I'm unable to drop you a DM on your Twitter. Could you please DM me on @suzanne.chen or email me at suzanne.chen@microsoft.com?
Thanks! :)


Hi Jen, Likewise I am unable to DM you on your Twitter. Could you either DM me on @suzanne.chen or email me at suzanne.chen@microsoft.com? Each QR code is unique and we would love to send the QR code to you. :) Thanks!

Hey Jen, I've sent you the QR code but noticed that you have not redeemed it. Did you get my mail? Thanks! :)


Quick question, would you be showing how to secure azure functions via bearer tokens. There doesn’t seem to be an out of the box solution to do this. One could always use APIM but that seems like overkill plus expensive.


Not in this workshop we won't. But this is another good topic for feedback. Please provide your feedback in the github.com/azure/static-web-apps issues.

You will be able to pass headers soon as this is work coming.


The session was good, :) , Do Azure static web apps have global CDN , caching static assets options and DDoS protection ?


They are hosted at multiple points of presence around the world with caching.


Also do we need to setup any special settings for Authentication and Authorization using Google and other providers or it just works out of the box in Azure static web apps ?


the authentication providers "just work" out of the box. you can configure some aspects of them as per the docs


Is that just authorization for the static web app or does it apply to your new API as well? Like if you hit the API directly?

It’s via the static web app I believe.


Great hands on workshop :) Appreciate 😄, Good idea by MS team, Developers will love it.


This event was informative and engaging. Thank you for such an event. I loved the Hands-on session in the end. Keep organising. Good day.


I wasn't aware of all the cool integration between VS Code and the git/azure commands before today - thanks! :)


Presentation animation was good. How did you create it, using Microsoft power point ?


@john Papa thnx for the great workshop. How do i get my batch?


Hi Rajat, could you please DM me on twitter @suzanne.chen or mail me at suzanne.chen@microsoft.com so that I can send you your unique QR code? :)