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How YOU can learn Serverless with .NET Core and C#

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Sign up for a free Azure account
To create Serverless Azure Functions you will need a free Azure account

Starter guide .NET Core
Completely new to .NET Core? Then start here. It will tell you all about how to use the CLI to scaffold projects, run and build them.

Serverless + GraphQL
This shows how you can build a GraphQL API in Net, we also show mutations. The article then proceeds to host the GraphQL API in a Serverless app.

Serverless app in .Net
Building a Serverless REST API is quite easy using Azure Functions and some great plugins in VS Code. This is the 10-20 min of coding, depending on your caffeine level ;) Getting to use .NET and C# while building is even greater

Serverless App using CosmosDB and database bindings
Bindings are a great feature in Serverless that takes care of connecting to your data source. Writing a CRUD API is super simple thanks to it.

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