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Arkodyuti Saha for Microsoft Azure

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Join us at #AIDevDay ☁️

Take the Azure Dev Challenge 🏆

  1. Complete any one of the Microsoft Learning Path from here
  2. Share your MS Learn Profile and achievement badge with #AIDevDay on Twitter
  3. Subscribe to Microsoft.Source newsletter and keep learning

Note: Valid submissions will receive an Azure Hero Badge via Twitter DM. Please ensure your Twitter DM is open 😉. If you've any questions regarding the Azure Dev Challenge, drop us a line on the comment section below.

About AI Dev Day 🎬

Hello everyone! Microsoft is excited to join AI Dev Day as the main sponsor. AI Dev Day is a single day, virtual, developer-focussed, community-driven conference on AI and Cloud, taken over by professional AI and Cloud developers. The event has been tailor-made with the objective of encouraging and helping AI & ML developers upskill in the most face-paced career trend. The event is absolutely free and open for all.

Grab your AI Dev Day Conference tickets here 🎟️

Meet our Speakers 📺

Whether you are someone who works on AI and Machine Learning for a living or planning to get started. We got you covered with an amazing line up of speakers from the community 💖

Amanda Wong & Devanshi Thakar on Extracting Value from Text and Audio to Inform Business Strategy
Akanksha Malik on AI to BI - One Stop Solutions in Azure Synapse
Amy Boyd & Gary Pretty on Improve Customer Engagement and Productivity with Conversational AI
Haimantika Mitra on Build your model using Azure Custom Vision and deploy it in a web app.

Find the entire conference schedule here

📢 See you all at the virtual stage of #AIDevDay

Follow Azure organization 🔖 for content/updates from Cloud Advocates and other Microsoft Technology professionals.

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abhishekmani profile image
Abhishek Mani Tripathi

I have also completed one of the Azure Dev Challenge and I have posted them on my twitter page as well. Excited for my Azure Hero Badge .
Here is the status link :

ganeshsanap profile image
Ganesh Sanap

Completed #AIDevDay Challenge!

Twitted here

anushcodergirl profile image
Anushka Raj

Is there any deadline to complete the challenge?

arkodyutisaha profile image
Arkodyuti Saha

The challenge is open until our swags supply lasts :)

anushcodergirl profile image
Anushka Raj

Yesterday I completed one learning path and I'm excited to get Azure Hero Badge.

muthukumarsys profile image

Challenge Completed .Waiting for "AZURE HEROOOO"