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Join us at jCloud Day!

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Take the Azure Dev Challenge πŸ†

  1. Complete any one of the Microsoft Learning Path from here
  2. Share your MS Learn Profile and achievement badge with #jCloudDay on Twitter
  3. Subscribe to Microsoft.Source newsletter and keep learning

Note: Only valid submissions will receive an Azure Hero Badge via Twitter DMs. If you've any questions regarding the Azure Dev Challenge, drop us a line on the comment section below.

About jCloud Day 🎬

Hello everyone! Microsoft is excited to join jCloud Day Conference as the main sponsor. jCloud Day is a single day, virtual, developer-focussed, community-driven conference on Java and Cloud. The event has been tailor-made with the objective of encouraging and helping Java developers upskill and be up-to-date on the latest Java and Cloud technologies. The event is absolutely free and open for all.

Grab your jCloud Day Conference tickets here 🎟️

Meet our Speakers πŸŽ™οΈ

sandraahlgrimm image

Go serverless with Java and Azure Functions (11:50 AM - 12:20 PM IST)
rorypreddy image

Java on Azure: Building springboot microservices (12:35PM - 01:10PM IST)

Follow Azure organization πŸ”– for content/updates from Cloud Advocates and other Microsoft Technology professionals.

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Nice πŸ˜„, Some Questions:

  1. Can .NET developers participate in Azure Dev Challenge ?
  2. Is it mandatory to use Twitter to Share MS Learn Profile and achievement badge with #jCloudDay ? instead can I share here on dev.to
  3. When does Azure Dev Challenge starts ?

Hello Shaijut – dropping the answers below πŸ˜€

  1. Any developer is welcome to take the Azure Dev Challenge
  2. So far we’ve been communicating with the community mostly on Twitter therefore we’re asking everyone to tweet their submissions using the #jCloudDay. In case you’ve any concerns feel free to share your profile link/achievement on dev.to private chat.
  3. Azure Dev Challenge is LIVE already (and will last until our virtual swag supplies last)πŸ˜‰

Good luck. See you next week during #jCloudDay!


Thanks πŸ˜„ , I think you have not enabled private chat. You can do so by seeing below link:


Sorry my bad, you can send it now. Thanks, shaijut!


Hey! I have shared my MS Learning path link in Twitter with the #JCloudDay tag. What will be the next step to earn the badge.

Thanks in advance !!


Is it still valid ?



how do i share my badges and achievements


Hey, please share your MS Learn Profile link/achievement badge screenshot with #jCloudDay on Twitter. Thanks!