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Multi-tenant architecture for SaaS apps

  • Do you distribute the same app to multiple clients/tenants?
  • Are you looking to offer Software as a service and need to dig deep into the architecture of apps to work in multiple tenants?
  • Are you tired of installing your app multiple times at these different clients/tenants?
  • Do you want to push updates like features and bug fixes into the app without any involvement of client's IT admins (wow that should have gotten you sold on the idea by now 😉)?
  • Then you need to know about multi tenancy and how you can create a multi-tenant app in Microsoft365. Multi-tenancy in apps Read more in this article Multi-tenant architecture for SaaS apps, we will convert a simple single tenant JavaScript application into a multi-tenant app that can run across different tenants to bring data into the app. Same app, but different data.

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Varun Raja

Link is broken.

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Rabia Williams

Thank you! Fixed it!