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New Java learning path on Microsoft Learn

MS Learn is Microsoft's flagship learning platform, delivering free online tutorials for everyone to study, understand and deliver great technical projects to the cloud.

Today, we deliver a Java learning path on MS Learn, so all Java developers can benefit from the power of Azure.

Java at Microsoft is huge

It's been a long journey for Java at Microsoft. Java is currently used in many products and services by Microsoft: from Minecraft, to LinkedIn and Yammer, and Azure itself, where we have several Java specific offers like Azure Spring Cloud (for Spring developers) and JBoss EAP on App Service (for Jakarta EE developers).

Azure product groups and Microsoft's Java developer advocacy team are building this Java learning path. If you want to learn more about Java on Azure, you can head up to our YouTube channel, where we have interviews of Java Champions, tutorials, online conference sessions...

The MS Learn Java learning path

The Java learning path is for Java developers who want to better understand what they can achieve with Azure. It starts with the basics of Azure, and will make you discover our main services relevant for Java developers.

Here is the Java learning path on MS Learn, in which you will be able to find the following modules:

Meet the team

The Java learning path team

This learning path was created by Java experts at Microsoft, here in alphabetical order:

What's next?

This learning path is only the beginning! In the next few months, we expect to deliver several more modules for Java developers, covering broad topics like caching (with Azure Cache for Redis), immutable infrastructure (with Terraform), event messaging (with Azure Service Bus), serverless (with Azure Functions), or security (with Azure Active Directory).

If you want to have the latest news on Java on Azure, please follow @JavaAtMicrosoft on Twitter and subscribe to the Java on Azure YouTube channel.

Top comments (4)

thorstenhirsch profile image
Thorsten Hirsch

Shouldn't a modern Java learning path include Quarkus, especially when it promotes cloud runtimes? It seems like all other companies in the Java world are pushing Quarkus heavily... what about Microsoft?

alainvanhout profile image
Alain Van Hout

It's getting more and more popular, but it still pales compared to Spring's market share.

sandraahlgrimm profile image
Sandra Ahlgrimm

I totally agree! And it is on our roadmap for next year.
Thanks for your feedback!

anbusampath profile image
Anbu Sampath

Great. Looking forward to learn Java in Azure.