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New VS Code extension to manage Azure VMs

Yohan Lasorsa
Open source, DIY, IoT, Mobile, Everything JavaScript
・1 min read

Last week a new extension has been launched for VS Code, allowing you to quickly create, manage and connect to Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) right from within the editor! 🎉

Here is a short 1-minute video I made to illustrate how easy it is to create and connect to a new VM:

Obviously this is not made for production work, but for development it can be quite useful. I work on cross-platform OSS packages all the time, and being able to quickly spawn and connect to a remote Linux VM without having to leave my current workflow is a real time-saver for testing and bug fixing 😍.

What do you think about it?

Note: this extension is currently in preview and some features may be currently missing, like the ability to choose which kind of VM/Size to create.

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