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Observability in serverless applications

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Observability in serverless applications

Observability in the serverless realm can sometimes be very frustrating, but yet performance monitoring is crucial when running serverless applications. To make sure that your applications are running correctly, full observability is needed so that troubleshooting can be done efficiently when needed.

With that said, what does observability really mean? Should organizations manage observability themselves or would they be better off using a managed solution for observability? What are the best practices and how do you best troubleshoot?

Meet Our Speakers

I'm inviting our speaker @Simona_Cotin from MSCreate:Frontend to have conversations with you here on Dev.to on what observability in serverless applications mean and the best practices.

We want to hear from you how YOU are doing it, and exchange insights with you on what considerations are needed to obtain full observability in your serverless applications.

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MSCreate: Frontend

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Nice 😄, Can anyone List some best fit use-cases for server less ?


@shaijut I wrote an article about some common use cases hackernoon.com/serverless-can-do-t...

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation wrote a whitepaper highlighting use cases github.com/cncf/wg-serverless

You can also find a lot of examples implemented with Azure Functions here serverlesslibrary.net/

And finally I recommend checking out this awesome list github.com/anaibol/awesome-serverless


CREATE:Frontend , session was good :)

thanks a lot for joining!


When is the serverless openhack?


We're planning the Serverless event for end of September, keep an eye on this page here aka.ms/createserverless it will be updated soon. Thanks for joining!