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Create:Frontend - Let's talk about static web apps!

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Create: Frontend


Join us for a half-day of conversations this 29 Jul 2020, at Create:Frontend, with developers from the community on pressing topics for frontend developers, such as building inclusive and accessible web applications, static sites, serverless, and much more.

🎬 3 πŸ‘πŸ½ Calls πŸ‘πŸ½ To πŸ‘πŸ½ Action! πŸ‘πŸ½

1. Code of Conduct

You are expected to adhere to the Create:Frontend's code of conduct as well as Dev.to's code of conduct Please do β™₯️ this post if you agree

2. Keeping your kids engaged

We know you are going to love the event but we also want to keep your children entertained while you join us. Check out the post below for a digital and physical Kids Activity Pack.

3. Follow #MSCreate

Conversations may continue after this event. Follow #mscreate to keep learning.

Bookmark and revisit any of these page during the event to engage in live (and post-event) discussions on those topics with both speakers and the community. The speakers will be here for a live Q&A for at least 15 minutes immediately after their session concludes. After the event, come back to find additional slides, videos, and resources for this session.


July 29, 2020: 08:30 PDT - 08:35AM PDT
Grab your coffee or tea, log in, and join our host and speakers for an amazing morning.

Burke Holland is a Principal Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft. He likes JavaScript a lot because it's the only way he Node to Express himself. Follow @burkeholland on Twitter.


July 29, 2020: 08:35 PDT - 08:50AM PDT
Daria and Craig share what's on the top of mind for frontend developers and the state of developers tools in 2020.

This session will be delivered by Daria Grigoriu, a Program Manager @ Microsoft and Craig Shoemaker, a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft. Follow @DariaGrigoriu and @Craigshoemaker on Twitter.

Azure Maya Mystery: The inner workings of a static web app:

July 29, 2020: 08:50 PDT - 09:05AM PDT
Jen and Chris deep dive into the Maya Mystery project and how it was built.

Jen Looper is a Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft and Chris Noring is a Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft. Follow @JenLooper and @Chris_Noring on Twitter.

Why static sites are back: From static, servers, browsers to static

July 29, 2020: 09:05 PDT - 09:20AM PDT
Debbie and Wassim explore the pros and cons of static and servers and why static sites are back again.

Debbie O’Brien is Head of Learning and Developer Advocate @ NuxtJS and Wassim Chegham is a Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft. Follow @Debs_Obrien and @Manekinekko on Twitter.

A11y For Everyone: Building inclusive and accessible web applications

July 29, 2020: 09:20 PDT - 09:35AM PDT
Gift and Jen explore how web applications can be made for everyone.

Gift Egwuenu is a Frontend Developer & Technical Writer, Media Developer Expert and Jen Looper is a Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft. Follow @Lauragift_ and @JenLooper on Twitter.

Observability in Serverless Applications

July 29, 2020: 09:35 PDT - 09:50AM PDT
Ran and Simona share how automated tracing is now a possibility in serverless, cloud-based systems.

Ran Ribenzaft is a Co-Founder and CTO @ Epsagon and Simona Cotin is a Principal Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft. Follow @RanRib and @Simona_Cotin on Twitter.

Sketchnoting 101

July 29, 2020: 09:50 PDT - 10:05AM PDT
Learn how you can sketch the docs and better storytell with Nitya.

Nitya Narasimhan is a Senior Cloud Advocate Program Manager @ Microsoft. Follow @Nitya on Twitter.

Developing an inclusive product

July 29, 2020: 10:05 PDT - 10:20AM PDT
Chris, Stephen, and Nitya share their experiences on Static Web Apps to help improve the experience of customers in emerging markets.

Chris Nwamba is a Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft and Stephen Fluin is a Developer Advocate for Google, Angular. They will be joined by Nitya Narasimhan, Senior Cloud Advocate Program Manager @ Microsoft. Follow @codebeast, @stephenfluin, and @Nitya on Twitter.

Panel: Working remotely – The struggle is real

July 29, 2020: 10:20 PDT - 10:50AM PDT
Join our panelists as we hear from the frontend developers on how working remotely is now the new norm, and how to make the best out of it.

Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Advocate @ Stackbit, Jonathan Carter is a Principal Group Program Manager @ Microsoft and Loiane Groner is a Business Analyst, Senior Java/HTML5/JavaScript Developer. They will be joined by Piyali Dey, Cloud Advocate Program Manager @ Microsoft.
Follow @remotesynth, @lostintangent, @loiane and @Piyali_vancity on Twitter.


July 29, 2020: 11:00 PDT - 12:20PM PDT
As we wrap our morning, we invite you to join us in a workshop led by John Papa where you can create build and deploy an app with your favorite Javascript framework.

John Papa is a Principal Cloud Advocate. Follow @john_papa on Twitter.

Also, you can now Ask Chris Heilmann Anything!

Ask Chris Heilmann, Principal Program Manager your questions anytime on what the browser developer tools in the Microsoft Edge browser (based on Chromium) can do for you and what we could improve.

Azure Static Web Apps Manga in English

Static Web Apps Manga

We'll also be distributing an exclusive e-copy of the Azure Static Web Apps Manga at Create:Frontend. Manga can be a great fun way to learn Azure Static Web Apps, so be sure to the first to lay your hands on them.

Other resources

Want to learn more about Azure Static Web Apps?

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Put that on a shirt. I'll buy it.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The first person who makes an Azure Static Web App out of the Static Web Apps Manga will get a video 1:1 with @simona_cotin OR @burkeholland .

You need to post your link to the Azure Static Web App here as an answer.


Can we use Azure Static Web App without GitHub to host my html files, Like Azure Blob Storage ? Because for a commercial or client projects we need to pay for both Azure Static Web App in Azure and GitHub.


Thanks for the question ... answered over here, just so we stay in synch dev.to/john_papa/comment/12cbo

If you have other questions ,let us know


I have created a feature request here in issues.

Also a feedback when Azure Static Web App reach's GA (General Availability), if possible consider the pricing to be cheap like Godaddy. So I can recommend it to others. πŸ˜„.


is deployment of azure static websites supported via AzureDevOps as well?


Azure Static Web Apps does not support Azure DevOps integration for the preview but we are looking into this. Here is the specific issue to monitor in our repo: github.com/Azure/static-web-apps/i...


so only close integration with Github, but other ways of publish are not possible right now? Any particular reason why it's done this way?

With the first preview iteration for Static Web Apps we prioritized a scoped workflow from source code to global availability and we know GitHub is one of the most common starting points for this journey from code to production. Our vision is to continue to enable this streamlined journey from source code to global availability and consider more starting points that are meaningful to our customers.


Is there a way to add secrets or environment specific configuration from Azure key vault or Azure key value pair into the html file? Or how would you suggest to handle that?
Specifically config data that we don't wish to store in git, but need it as per environment. In app service we can use the vault, what can be used here?


How would I get the Azure Hero Build Badge


Hi Vamsi Ravi! Could you DM me on Twitter please? @suzannechen . Thanks!


Thanks for reaching out on Twitter and congrats on getting your Azure Heroes Builder Badger!


How do we run our Angular tests in the pipeline before deploy? Is that a supported case?