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Adi Polak for Microsoft Azure

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Panel Discussion: Data for Good [Create: Data]

Panel: Data for Good


Few, what an experience, alright.
Want to catch up with the panel session? You can watch it on demand -> here.

For watching more sessions from Create: Data on-demand, click here.

Provably one of the most exciting topics of the year for everyone who works with data. How can we leverage data to do good for our communities and improve people's lives?

Join four inspiring and accomplished leaders in the data space for this Data For Good panel. They share their perspectives about what good data is and how it relates to actually doing good. Take away learnings on how data tools can help us in keeping our data healthy.

Register now for free; please share your questions, ideas, and thoughts in the comment section. I'm happy to bring it with the panel experts to make sure all your questions are answered!

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