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Stop struggling with git, finally!

Maybe you are new to coding and want to start your #100DaysOfCode challenge, or you are an experienced software developer and your biggest secret is, that git can be frightening to you. WE GOT YOU!

There's a full learning path that will guide you through git at your pace, for free.

The MS Learn Path consists of three modules.

  1. The first module is an introduction to version control and git in particular. It's setting the base for this learning path by ensuring the local execution and usage of git commands. You'll be guided through commands and all the basics of git. It's a learning by doing exercise.
    Intro to git module

  2. In the second module, Collaborate with Git, you'll learn how git helps you to better work together. First, we configure our access to a git repository, then you'll create a pull request by using a fork. All within the command-line tool of your choice!
    Collaborate with Git

  3. The third module, Edit code through branching and merging in Git, teaches you all you need to know about branches and merges.
    Alt Text

After you finish this learning path, you'll receive a batch you can share. But more importantly, you can easily start working together, and don't forget to add a new skill to your CV! πŸ˜‰

Did you finish this learning experience? Please share your batch in the comments! I am also interested in your feedback.

Finally, do you know other great resources to learn git for free? Please share them in the comments as well or join the discussions on Twitter. πŸ’œ

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Shaiju T

Nice one πŸ˜„. This is needed.