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Tech Exceptions is Going Live

Today, I'm excited to share a project I've worked on for the last couple of months. An interview-based video series: "Tech Exceptions", highlighting Startups technical stories.
In the first episode, we interview Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve, a startup that develops artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles capable of driving in any urban environment, anywhere in the world. Alex shares his personal journey and what lead him to start Wayve, how Wayve is building the largest autonomous driving academy in the world, their challenges with processing huge amounts of data, and how it all connected to video and VR games.

Background on Wayve technology:

Wayve is building the world's largest fleet learning/academy system. Their system learns how to drive in any urban environment with one giant neural network.
This requires the process of training very large deep learning models over petabytes of video driving data. For enabling this huge and complex neural network ML model, they use Azure services.
High level of their fleet learning lifecycle:
 Ingest -> train -> simulate -> deploy-> on road testing
Wayve is a graduate of the Microsoft for Startups Autonomous Driving program and works closely with Microsoft.

Here is a sneak peek:

Stay tuned for the 1st episode to be launched on November 11th, 2020, and a lot more shows coming up!

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