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Top 3 Learnings from #JDConf

You are invited to Microsoft #JDConf October 27 - 29 and all videos will be on-demand after the event concludes!

What are the top 3 learnings from the conference?

  1. Accessibility is a key way to be inclusive in this digital world. Lucy Greco discusses how the shift to a primarily online world is harder for some groups in society, especially people with disabilities. On day 1, let's jointly learn basic strategies to help ensure that the digital infrastructure we all must use every day is universally inclusive.

  2. How Microsoft and the Java Ecosystem have truly partnered! George Adams and Martijn Verburg will open day 2 with key information on how Microsoft has made internal and external #java investments that directly impact the Java developer. Take a look "behind the scenes" on how much Microsoft depends on Java and its popularity within the company.

  3. The importance of community. Mala Gupta will open day 3 with how "community" goes beyond simply broadening you network. It is truly about you, the individual, and how your life and values translates to others. This is such an important distinction to highlight when most of us are at home and how your perception of life impacts others.

This one-of-a-kind conference is bringing together Microsoft engineering, Java Community members, and all developers looking to learn more and connect with their community.

RSVP today and receive relevant resources for the event, join the Cloud Skills Challenge, and more!

Share the event with your Twitter network and we look forward to seeing you at #JDConf!

See you there!

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