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Using VS Code to work with Cosmos DB

We've selected our favorite tips and tricks created by Michael Crump and are delivering fresh technical content on Azure all April! Miss a day (or more)? Catch up with the series.

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What is Cosmos DB? Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database.

You can easily view, create and delete databases, collections, graphs, and documents, along with other things detailed in their marketplace submission.

Download the Cosmos DB Extension for VS Code

After installing it via the extension above, here is what it looks like to set up our Cosmos DB resource and type from within Visual Studio Code.

Now we'll set up our database and collection.

Finally, we'll create a document and add the following data to it.

    "name": "learn cosmos db",

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We'll be posting articles every day in April, so stay tuned or jump ahead and check out more tips and tricks now.

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stephen steve

Is there a way to run queries from vscode ?