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visitor-counter: tracking the amount of visitors on your website

Hello friends,
I'm happy to be back !

Disclaimer: I'm not the author of visitor-counter but I think it needs some attention.

I started using visitor-counter as a Fastify plug-in with minor tweaks as it is intended to integrate Express apps. Nevertheless, I think it's an amazing plug-in to talk about, as some nice repos might go and age unseen.

I talked with author about supporting other web (API/routing) libraries like Fastify, Koa, Nest ... So this post is to have a little kick back to the author. You may give him a star, and better if you could test it and advance support of other libraries.


The reason why I'm liking it very much, is because I was looking for a visitors analytics solution; Well, I couldn't find any solution to integrate to my web-app, all other solutions are big tech, docker based, with so much constraints (separate service, so CORS, certificates, DB... ).

This is it for visitor-counter, I hope you like it, give him a star if you do :)

Have a nice day!

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