Learn back-end development with Node.js and Express with this free in-depth course (2.5 hours)

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This course☝️ starts from scratch and shows you how to build a landing page, collect and manage sales leads developing an application using the CRUD pattern (create, update, delete). We develop an MVC style application with models, views, routes, controllers. If you are new to backend development and Nodejs this course is made for you.

CRUD snippet from tutorial
CRUD snippet from the tutorial

Topics covered include user sign up, login with PassportJS, installing and creating basic tables in PostgreSQL, issuing queries using the Sequelize ORM, what a middleware is and implementing user access control using middleware, form validation, how to divide your views using pug mixins and more.

Implementing form validations - snippet from tutorial
Implementing form validations - snippet from the tutorial

Tutorial site with videos split into 28 lessons

Here is more content about this tutorial. If you liked the tutorial, join our Learning Express group free for updates, Q&A, source code and more: https://getbuzz.io/o/learning-expressjs/u/join-open-access

I believe learning should be free and fast.

Fast as in:

  • There are no enrollment hops until you reach a course. It starts immediately, online.
  • Videos make their point right away. They are short and concise.
  • And Fun: Learning must be fun, e.g. not solitary but a social activity.

For these reasons I am building Tech Buzz, a site for learning tech fast and free, - now focusing on tech areas towards building an online business.

Update: Launching an online software service shouldn't be hard.

So I took this tutorial some steps further to build SaaSBox. It lets you launch an online web application / SaaS about 4 weeks faster.

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My main expertise is computer systems, operating systems, C, embedded, hypervisors. I recently grew interest in NodeJS. I share industrial training courses at Tech Buzz (https://getbuzz.io).


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I nice tutorial, needed something like this to level up my skills properly on RESTful API using node.js. Thank you.


I hear the sound but I can't see the picture what can I do about this problem??


Sorry I don't know why its that way, I can see the picture and hear the sound. Try watching it on youtube directly the link[youtube.com/watch?time_continue=28...]


Sorry I don't know why its that way, I can see the picture and hear the sound. Try watching it on youtube directly the link: youtube.com/watch?time_continue=28...