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The best way to recommend extensions on vscode with your team

How many times did you see the screen of a colleague using vscode and asked "hey, what extension are you using to do that?".

Or a different scenario, in order to make something work properly you and everyone in your team must have some extensions installed.
Do you write them in a file?

Here's a better trick!

You can place inside the .vscode folder a file called extensions.json with this simple structure.

  "recommendations": ["dbaeumer.vscode-eslint", "esbenp.prettier-vscode"]

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All you have is a recommendations array of strings, the names of the extensions.

With this example, when you open the workspace with vscode you'll get a popup asking for install the extensions for eslint and prettier.

You can read more in the official documentation:

Did you know that? Are you going to use it? Let me know!

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